50/50 of Transgender bill


Recently we all may have heard of President Obama making it legal for Transgender males and females to go into restrooms of the desired sex. This is something that at first when I heard of it, I was against. I am still feeling a little funny about it.

Warning/Note: I am not a trans-phobic person, nor am I homophobic and this is not an attack on anyone. 

I think that the big outrage was just simply silly, if you ask me.I can almost understand where one is coming from being trans-gendered and having the need to use the public bathroom and being puzzled.

I just think that the people who were protesting it the whole time didn’t mean what they mean. They were trying to protect their children and themselves from possible attacks in the women’s restroom. No they weren’t saying that Transgender people are the ones who are raping and molesting folks in the restroom. I think that the main thing that they are pointing out is MEN going in the restrooms and hiding out coming up with bogus excuses and being in the restrooms.

Now you do have some people who simply hate transgender people and hate them to the core and just do it just for the hell of it.

Even though this bill has been confirmed and enacted, we can only walk with eyes open and guards up.

I know personally I could give two shits about the whole situations but, all I could say is that this has opened a door to almost anyone being in the bathrooms.

SOLUTION: Why couldn’t there just be a bathroom for transgender people.

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