The true Minority

I am new to this word “minority”. In class I was referred to as one stating.

“The minority are people who are a part of a small population who is either frowned upon or mistreated.” I only agree woth part of that statement and the part I agree with you obviously know.

Yes we are treated differently and yes we are a smaller population here in America, but lets speak about worldwide population. THE WORLD is home to approximately 7 Billion people.

Out of that 7 billion Asians make up the most. Then afterwards people of African descent come in next being over 1 billion. Now the big picture that I am trying to get at is the European population being only 5% of the whole 100%.

5% doesnt sound like a LOT. But at the end of the day I guess it is just one of those “who see what I see” things.

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