Why arent you in Flint Michigan?




I am very livid at Will and Jada as revealed in my previous post  (HERE). Due to the stupidity of the two Smiths I am going to point out some more errors with their recent allegations against The Oscars for being “too white”. Also I am going to point out how screwed up the whole situation is.


1.) Will and Jada should be worried about bigger things other than The Oscars. Like all of the calamity and issues and you want to go for one so small. It is just an award and they shouldnt act as if they didnt recieve any in the past. They should worry about bigger things such as

A.) The well being of their children-No disrespect to their children who so happen to be not too far from my age. Lets look at the fact that their children are out there in Hollywood just doing as they please. Just hope that they arent being pimped out .

B.) Flint Michigan….Which I am going to get to in the later on in this post.

C.) The future of America and our next president. Of all things these guys could go on about but they chose an Oscar, while there are presidential candidates who make a fool of themselves and a fool out of rich people-And Yes I am speaking of Donald Trump- Jada and Will arent only African Americans , they are RICH….So Trump making  a fool out of Hollywood should be more of your issue but it seems like you guys are doing the best at Making a fool out of Hollywood yourselves.



Flint Michigan just went through a water crisis. I have recently read that a group of Football players helped those people and even down to Pop Legend / Vocalist Cher. Will and Jada should be ashamed of themselves because overall this whole Oscars thing doesnt just seem as a “Lets be diversified thing” It seems as if you guys are worried about themselves and dont step up unless it has something to do with them. People are dying in Flint and when I say people I mean (ACTUAL PEOPLE: Men,  Women and Children.) Not people who have the money to leave the place, and even if they did they shouldnt have to because that is their home.

These are people who had been drinking contaminated waterbfor years and didnt even know it. Their government and politicians knew about it but they didnt. Possibly some type of shitty plan that is being done.

Another thing is Will and Jada have lived and been workibg there for years. So they are also apart of this “HOLLYWOOD”. Smith did the same thing about the Grammys. Again, all of this is because of them not being nominated or not being close to doing so. Only reason is because it was something to do with them and their lives…Hollywood is something that is planned and everything isn’t dreamy as it seems.

Bottom Line: Will and Jada find something else to rave and rant about. This topic is so petty and weak. It makes u look like children “Oh we didnt win” or “oh we wasnt nominated” 😥😦😧😭😫😫😫😫😫….SO THE FUCK WHAT. Like to be quite honest I could give two shits about it. We shouldnt focus on small things…We should focus on our lives and our community THE BLACK COMMUNITY.


OH WAIT….OR ARE U LIKE RAVEN SYMONE “I’m not Black” and “I’m from every CONTINENT in AFRICA


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