My Blog, My Opinion, My Knowledge and Feeding you what you need to digest.

I am just here blogging and spreading the word that needs to be spread because people are always talking about the wrong shit. So I am here telling you what you need to know.

First off this blog is reaching the audience of African American, Hispanics and other groups of what people call “The Minority”. I will be here displaying my views on everything and only my views. If anyone has an issue with it then get the fuck out. Leave it alone and just walk away. Yes comments will be accepted only if it makes sense and it has a point. Sure u can rant but I guarantee you I wont have anything nice to say especially if it is directed towards me. If you disagree just simply say why and leave it at that.

Secondly I dont give a shit how low budget this blog is. What I will say is its a blog thats going to be full of information and opinions and NOT FULL OF SHIT. All of this is written in  all honesty and opinion.

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